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Apocalipsis: Harry at the End of the World-PLAZA (2018)

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Genre:Point-and-click adventure
Developer:Punch Punk Games
Size:1 GB

Apocalipsis: Harry at the End of the World is a traditional point-and-click adventure game,in the vain of Samorost and Machinarium, where solving puzzles comes with a sense of discovery and accomplishment. This gameplay style, merged with unique artstyle inspired by 15th century engravings, creates the perfect backdrop for a story about heartbreak, redemption and, quite literally, the end of the world.
In Apocalipsis you play as Harry, for whom the loss of his beloved was the end of his world. Now he has to venture out into the strange, unwelcoming lands to get her back. On his journey he will meet fantastical creatures, straight from the minds of artists from the 15th century Europe, and ultimately conquer his own, personal demons.

Key Fetures:
Play a classic point-and-click adventure game with a twist
Witness medieval art coming alive in a video game
Find a new, somber rendition of Behemoth’s music hidden in the game
Hear Behemoth’s Nergal’s dark voice telling you the story of Harry
Meet creatures straight from the 15th century codices
Experience a journey through the end times and see one of the available endings
Visit over two dozen unique locations with puzzles to be solved and hidden meanings to be discovered
Shake your spirit with the foreboding soundtrack inspired by the esthetic of Danse Macabre



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